Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bentos #115-119... Priorities. I has them.

We're looking at... 6 months?  About?  Sounds right anyway.

I didn't stop packing myself healthy, delicious, in-your-fast-food-face lunches.  I just stopped writing about them.  I got really busy and really stressed.  Blogging is the thing that fell by the wayside.  Well... one of the many things.

I don't know that I'm having less stress now.  I'm working two jobs.  I worked 83 hours just last week.  Thankfully, that doesn't happen too often.  Usually I'm closer to 55 hours.  And, of course, there are other things besides work.

But here we are.  Here I am.  And here are some bentos that were here.  Until I ate them.


Curried turkey tenderloin and broccoli.  This was accompanied by a few pieces of fruit.

Homemade gyoza, a frozen onigiri, and strawberry slices.

This one was from a long time ago... It has pasta with grey squash, peppers, and ground turkey... probably with Johnny's Garlic Seasoning.  It also has blackberries, pomegranate, kiwi, persimmon, cucumber slices, and a babybel cheese.  The thing I really remember about this bento is that I had it during a rehearsal and the dance company director declared, "You love yourself."  She seemed to be taken aback a little by the fact that I, or anyone, would take such care packing a lunch for themselves.

This one has the same stuff as the one above, plus a couple of grapes.  

This is what I had for lunch today... baked red potato with sharp cheddar, a pan-fried zucchini (the first one from my container garden this year!), turkey 'lil smokies, grapes, and cucumber spears.


I've had guilt for the past six months about never hosting a certain two giveaways.  Please forgive me for not doing this earlier...

We're going to start with a Lock'n'Lock giveaway!  In celebration of winning the most awesome Lock'n'Lock prize ever with a review on this very blog!

What am I giving away?

A green Lock'n'Lock Mini Lunchbox!  It comes with a bag and a set of chopsticks.  I wrote a review here.  The review, by the by, is the one with which I won an awesome prize from Lock'n'Lock, which I used a part of for this giveaway, and other giveaways to come. :)

The basic requirement is that you be an official blog follower, which is as easy as hitting the 'follow' button on the sidebar.

There are two ways to enter:

1.  Leave a comment on this post about... something interesting.  Which is more than I've done for you in the past 6 months.  It can be about your own lunch.  Or your dog.  Or your new couch.  Or your priorities... Whatever.  Leave me a comment.

2.  Post about this giveaway on YOUR blog.  And then leave a comment here with a link to your post.

That's it!  It's easy!

I will choose the winner using on July 5th and announce it here.  (I thought about doing it the 4th, but between running a 10k and whatever awesome gig I manage to pick up by then... it's not going to happen.  So the 5th it is.)


  1. The best thing about packing a bento in the summer is the wide variety of beautiful and tasty fruits and vegetables that you can bring for lunch. I've mentioned your giveaway on my blog too!

  2. It's exam week at my high school, so I've been busy helping with all sorts of end of year things before next week when report cards go out and I say goodbye until the Fall to my students. I hear you on not having the time to look after bento blogging.

    I blogged about your giveaway: Thank you for your generosity!

  3. My coworkers are taken aback with my bentos, too. Funny thing is, it's usually just box-o-leftovers plus some fruit. Not so different from their lunches, just arranged nicer.

  4. Hello hello.

    Just bumped into your blog and wohoo, another bento lover:)

    Interesting thing about bento.
    I just had an interview recently with my coordinator, and I told him that my hobby is bento making and guess what, he was impressed..because of all the pretty lunch boxes pictures that I weird hobby but definitely brings joy, right:)

  5. I have also click 'follow' and blogged about your giveaway at

    check it out :)

    WELL DONE for making lovely bentos!

  6. Hi there...

    Read Ange's blog and decided to take part as well!
    Followed your blog dy :) (lwteo is me)

    Interesting thing..hmmm..
    I am quite inspired by all of you bento bloggers who have the patience to decorate your food till so pretty. It definitely makes lunchtime so much fun!

  7. hi~ :D New follower and hopefully future bento maker (again XD)

    I can't say anything interesting has really happened to me recently. I'm taking a physics summer class...that's as interesting as it gets besides getting a free sno cone (> w <)

  8. Just discovered your blog and love it! Getting into the bento scene and am very excited!

    Interesting thing: I'm moving to London in the fall! Excited to incorporate the local (and global) cuisines from the city and will be in grad school, so hoping to spend more time cooking.

  9. Hiiii!!

    I came across this giveaway from Ange's blog..and I'm so excited to win this lovely container:) What a nice surprise here..
    Hope I am not too late to take part!

    Interesting thing at the moment:
    I have been preparing intensely for my professional exams and it is stressing me out. So much to study, so much to remember :( Only I look forward to at moment are meal TIMES..whee...Food makes me happy! Teehee :)

    Thanks for the giveaway again. God bless you kind heart..

  10. Looks like I've missed your giveaway, but I wanted to ask--was it supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing that you love yourself?

    People exclaim over my lunches, too, and I always think there are people out there doing far more impressive things with food than I am! But to the uninitiated my lunches do look like I worked hard on them--and certainly better than anything in recycled deli containers tossed in a plastic grocery bag. I'm satisfied with that idea--and with the idea that it does inspire better eating, somehow.