Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bento #121

Some days the internet is good. It tells you how to stuff an acorn squash with a filling so tasty, you could eat all four portions in one sitting. But you don't. Because you want to show off your wicked kitchen skills at work.

But some days... Some days the internet gives you shoddy advice. Like... If you microwave a spaghetti squash for a few minutes, it becomes much easier to cut in half.  And some days, your spaghetti squash explodes in the microwave. With enough force to open the microwave door and sling stands of squash ask over the stove. even though you were cautious and poked holes in it.  Some days.

The squash was still savable, by the way. I just pulled it the rest of the way out of the shell, put it in a baking dish, and microwaved it a little bit more. The microwave didn't sound happy for thirty seconds or so, but it evened out. :)

So lunch... Includes spaghetti squash, of course, covered in parmesan cheese. Also lil smokies. And a salad. Also I took a pound of cherries to work, and finished off most of them.


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