Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bento #120 - re deux... Our something like that

Forgive the short and tardy post. My phone provider decided they didn't approve of me tethering my phone to my computer, so i'm having to do this on my phone...  Not to worry though.  I've been telling my employees that as soon as I had my xbox fixed, I would get some real internet.  And I got it back two days ago.

Meanwhile. My lunch. You may recognize this as the exact same food from my last bento...

A baked red potato with sharp cheddar, zucchini, turkey lil smokies, cucumber, grapes, and to change things up, some heirloom cherry tomatoes.


Don't forget! I'm giving away a Lock'n'Lock lunch box! You have until July 5th to enter.  If I could figure out how to link it with my phone, I would. But I can't.  Look for details on my last post.

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