Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bento #152... My new box... a winner... and another giveaway!

So... I went to the women's expo with my mother.  It was interesting.  I spent way too much money.  I picked up an electric massager thing.  And some interesting food.  And this:

Definately wasn't designed to be a bento box... I think it's just supposed to be a container you keep your peppers in in the fridge.  I've seen them for tomatoes and onions.  This was the first pepper though.  It's made by tupperware, and I only paid $5 for it!  It also came in yellow.  But I told myself I could only have one.

It was a bit interesting to pack... the lid is much deeper than I'm used to.  But it holds plenty of food for my average lunch.

I packed some tamagoyaki, black pepper triscuits (in a silicone cup to keep them relatively not soggy), smoked gouda cubes (probably my favorite cheese... this week...), cucumber slices (in another silicone cup), two applicots, two radishes, two slices of starfruit, and two guava candies.

Starfruit... I like the flavor... I like the look... I don't like eating it like this.  It has some tough membranes through the center that make it difficult to chow down on.  

And now... 

Because I know you've been waiting...

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Congratulations!  Please send me an email by September 23rd with your contact info and mailing address!

Now for this!

Two days ago, I reached 5000 page views!

I find this rather awesome.

It's my second blogmark in a week.  (And my third will be happening in the VERY near future!)

So this is how we're celebrating.

See that?  It's a brand new Lock'n'Lock mini lunchbox.  (The packaging is a bit battered.  But you're just going to throw that out anyway, right?)

You could win that.

It's not even that difficult.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I draw my bento inspiration from fellow bento bloggers - there is so much creativity out there! We all have such amazing ideas. I rarely see a bento I don't appreciate.

  2. At first, my bento inspiration came from a short segment that I saw on Disney Channel waaaay back then. Nowadays, tumblr and other bloggers are my inspiration seeing as how creative people can be WITH the proper bento utensils, but their ideas of substituting certain utensils with another help me make a better lunch for myself!

  3. Well done on all your blog benchmarks!

    You have a great blog so it's no surprise!! I hope my blog will be as good as yours at some point!

  4. My inspiration for bento comes from my love of Japanese culture and my love for cooking, but I also love looking at fellow bento blogs and seeing what the current trends are :)

    I want to bring bento culture to the UK as it is still pretty unknown.

  5. Following as Keith stratton :)

  6. I started searching for ways to pack a preschooler's lunch and found a number of bento blogs with really cute ideas!

  7. My inspiration?
    /shameface anime /shameface
    Yeah, yeah. I know...
    but that led to J drama and more bento... then blogs...
    The cycle never ends!

  8. I stumbled into bento a couple of years ago when researching healthy lunches for my (then) primary school step-daughter. She's now in big school and bento is just not cool! I love it though and it's become a teeny weeny bit of an obsession of mine! Helps me to eat healthy and varied lunches, I may not blog as much about it as I really don't have time between shifts to take photo's plus I suck at photography ;)

  9. Ooh no, I've been so side tracked I didn't even know I'd won! :(

    Is it to late to claim the prize? :(

    Can you please email me at letting me know if its too late or if I can still claim. Thankyou, hope you're well :)