Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bentos #99 and #100!

Blogging during rehearsals again...  I usually am not here during stage combat rehearsals, but this one was rather unplanned, so I don't have anyone here to cover it.  That's ok.  I got some things done.  And now I can do this.

I threw this one together in a hurry.  It has roasted sweet corn and red peppers with sliced garlic pepper pork tenderloin, black grapes, and three quarters of a peach.  The rest is from my garden; 3 tiny strawberries, mini-mini sweet cherry peppers, a few small tomatoes, and three green beans.

I had intended to do something a bit more exciting for my 100th bento.  But then I forgot all about it.

The left layer has a pasta salad made with tri-color rotini, turkey pepperoni, tomato, cucumber, parmesan cheese, and carrot flowers.  The dressing is a blend of red wine garlic vinegar, italian seasoning, and EVOO.

The thing holding the hummus on the right layer is a cucumber!  My lemon cucumber plant is going bucking nuts.  Which is nice.  So.  I chopped one in half, hollowed it out, and filled it with hummus.  It's surrounded by carrot sticks.  There is also a pluot and a handful of grapes.


  1. This is so bright and colourful Silverwing! You've been followed! :D

  2. Thank you Bento Cat! I try to keep my lunches colorful; it keeps me eating my fruits and veggies! :)