Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bento #101...

I've spent the last couple of days trying to find time to make a bento.  But things kept coming up.  Like... Monday.  I was going to pop into work for 20 minutes or so and then run to the gym.  Come home.  Shower.  Make a bento.  Make it back to work in time for a meeting.  What actually happened was that I went to work, and my boss caught me (slightly embarrassing considering the workout clothes I was wearing) and decided that we should have a staff meeting.  But we couldn't do it until the Box Office Manager got there.  Which wouldn't be for 40 minutes.  So I had to wait around.  It would have been ok.  Meeting started at 10:00, my other meeting wasn't until 1:00.  Except every single time we went to end the meeting, something else came up.  I was there until 12:30, which gave me barely enough time to book it home, shower, and then book it back to work.  I ended up eating out.

Tuesday I had to pop into work again.  This time at 2:00.  The plan was to leave at 3:00, run some errands, make it home to put together a bento, and be back by 6:30... But.  I didn't get to leave until 4:30.  I was still running errands at 5:30 when I got a call about a meeting at 6:00.  So... I ate leftovers from the day before.

And here.  Finally.  Is the bento I've been trying to make all week.

Please forgive the skuzzy picture... My camera is at work so I can take pictures of cast members who haven't emailed me their headshots yet.

I have an onigiri in a case with a fish full of soy sauce.  (This is my experimental frozen brown rice onigiri.  That I'll probably have to eat with chopsticks because I didn't take time to reform it after I microwaved it.)  The lower right box has four homemade potstickers, separated and surrounded by summer squash slices and topped with carrot flowers.  The other box has a peach, some cucumber slices, some carrot sticks, a mini yellow tomato, and some mini-mini sweet cherry peppers.  The bottle contains dipping sauce for the potstickers.


If you haven't already, check out the All Things for Sale giveaway!  They're giving away at least two bento sets including a box, an insulated lunch bag, and a matching water bottle!  Click here for more information!


  1. Oo! This is really scrumptious looking Silverwing! I make adult bentos too and its always nice to meet someone with similar interests!

  2. @Bento Cat... I agree! I do love all the adorable character bentos, but I feel like I need to make something a bit more grown up most days.