Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bento #98...

So.  We're rehearsing '3 Musketeers.'  I've told you this.  It's great fun.  The sword fights look pretty brutal.  The actors are all great.  Whatever.  The past week we've been rehearsing at my old high school.  Because we hired my old drama teacher as the costumer.  And since there's been a dinner theatre onstage at the Covey, we needed a place.  And by rehearsing at the high school, the costumer gets to pull whoever she needs for fittings.  It works out well.

My ASM, who actually graduated from the same high school just this summer, realized this week where he knew my name from.  It's on a 2x4 in the booth.  I think we used to prop up the projector with this 2x4.  Anyway.  It says, "Wise man say: Never wrestle with Pam, she will kick you in the face.  Among other things."

That's probably true.


Check it out!  Not only is it a single layer (which you don't see very often), it's not meant to be microwaved at all (which you see even less)!  There hasn't been an accessible microwave at the high school.  So I had to move outside my comfort zone...

It contains... a hard boiled egg, a few slices of black-pepper beef, a handful of mini potatoes, cucumber slices (in the back), 3 cute little tomatoes out of my garden, a mini-mini sweet pepper (also out of my garden), grapes, a silicone cup of pluot chunks, and a strawberry.  Also from my garden.

The director has gotten into the habit of stopping rehearsal when I pull out my dinners, because she wants to see.  And who can blame her?  They're adorable!


  1. Those potatoes are so cute... and that's so funny! Gotta love the attention. I'm sure that keeps you motivated. :) (Also, on a nitty picky side, the blue background makes the black text a tiny bit hard to read... I like the new design, though!)

  2. Thanks TJ! I'm not happy with the design yet... I just got bored of the old one. :)