Friday, October 19, 2012

Bentos #160-164... Playing catch up much?

I have a serious lack of internet going on. And I haven't been working, so mooching off of work internet hadn't been an option. I may actually have to get internet one of these days. Because my current option is to post from my phone. And I really dislike the blogger program on my phone.  I can't format posts the way I like.  I also can't edit pictures. So they will look kind of crummy until I can get to a computer to edit them...  *sigh*

So until then, bear with me.
It finally got cold around here... I say that like i'm happy about it... Let me try again. 
Its #@$& cold!  It was hot for Weeks! near triple digits! And then one day, mother nature decided it would be funny to randomly drop the temperature by thirty degrees.  Overnight.
I do like fall.  Fall smells good. Fall is pretty. Fall means pumpkin flavored everything.  But I would have loved to ease into the temp change...
Whatever. Fall means soup weather!  I had been slacking off on my veggie consumption, and they were building up in the fridge, so I thought... Soup!
I just roasted everything I had... Three bags of carrots, seven tomatoes, two onions, three peppers,a zucchini... For how ever long it took me to do the dishes, threw them all in the blender with some hot water to thin it out, and seasoned it up with whatever spices were in the front of the cupboard!
I've been eating it all week. I think I have enough left for lunch today.
I packed it for lunch three times this week.  The first two are identical... Because it was good the first day, and since I knew it was a winner, I managed to pack it the second day in less then four minutes...  Soup with feta, a side of peppered pretzel pieces and a handful of  grapes.  And a dessert... I used three pretzels as croutons.  It was a great combination!
The last time I packed the soup, I was out of both feta and pretzels. Sad day. I plunked a pumpkin cutout into the bowl to make it fun, and packed strawberries, grapes, cucumbers, and sesame crackers to go with it.
The last bento has a combination of whole wheat fettuccine tossed with smoked garlic, spinach, and feta.  It's accompanied by strawberries, cherry tomatoes, and grapes.  I realized as I was packing it that my grapes and some of those tomatoes look exactly the same. :)

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