Friday, July 15, 2011

Bento #86... and a Lock&Lock review!

All the Lock & Lock boxes I ordered arrived.  And I love them all.  My first order contained a Slim Lunch Box and a Mini Lunch Box.  Along with a vacuum bottle that will just have to wait in a sad, lonely corner until it gets cold out to be reviewed.

Anywho.  Lunch boxes.  I took pictures of only the Slim because the Mini is in the sink, waiting to be washed.  It's ok though... they are basically the same lunchbox, just a slightly different shape and size.  The Slim compartments are 250ml and 340ml, while the Mini's are 270ml and 330ml.

The set came with the box itself, a set of collapsible chopsticks (cool!), a lunch bag, and I opted for the optional beverage bottle.  

 Here are all the pieces of the lunch box, including the chopsticks.  The compartments are deeper than I'm used to packing, which is not necessarily a bad thing... just something to note.  I just had to figure out how to prop up some foods, and all was well.

I love that the chopsticks have their own little compartment.  I'm pretty sure I could fit some m&ms in with them as well if I need a reward for eating all my veggies.  The chopsticks go together easily, and they are secure enough that you don't need to worry about them falling apart while you are using them.  It took me a couple of tries to get them apart when I was done with them, so they might not work so well for a small child. Maybe practice with the kid before you send the box off with them to make sure they can do it.

I figured this out while I was playing with it for the photos... the layers stack into each other!  A nice space saving design for those with limited cupboard space.

A nice feature these boxes have it that the lids are microwavable.  You'll want to crack them open a little bit, but they can be left on!  I don't think I have a single other box like that.  And I have a lot of boxes.

The bottle has a top that pulls off, and then a cap that screws off.  I think it's perfect for freezing water in for those who don't have access to a refrigerator.  It holds 300ml.  I'm hesitant to put anything other than water in it.  The screw cap has a foam insert that I think would stain or hold flavors.

The bag is made out of canvas.  It feels pretty heavy duty for a lunch bag.  Which I like.  It's an insulated bag, although the insulation big only goes up as high as the top of the box, which makes me wonder how well it works.  I have a fridge at work, so haven't had a need to try it out.

The bag has a strap sewn in.  It wraps around the bag and then velcros on the bottom.  It was designed to fit perfectly around the bag with the box and the waterbottle inside.  I wish there were more velcro strip on the strap though... I don't see myself always wanting to use the water bottle, which means that the strap will be loose on those days.  ...On the other hand, with the strap loose, the bag kind of has a handle.  That's my silver lining.

The box itself fits rather snugly in the bag.  Not a problem for a person with such fine motor skills as mine, but possibly an issue for a child.  Just another thing to practice with this set before you send them off with it.

This is what the set looks like all bundled up.  It's very compact.  Stylish even.  Not likely to get confused with a coworker's sandwich.

Long story short.  I'm glad I bought this box.  And the other one.

I paid around $9 a piece with a coupon code.  Which is expired now.  But Lock&Lock always has some awesome sale going on.  This week the boxes are 30% off, which puts them around $12.


This is the lunch in the other one:

Shrimp alfredo with broccoli.  I sprinkled it with diced squash blossoms.  My squash plant has been blossoming like crazy, but only male flowers.  So I'm eating them.  The other is cabbage tossed with salt, rice vinegar, and a little bit of sugar with a cup of sweet pickled mini peppers nestled on top.  I told you you'd see those eventually.  The other half has plum slices, apricot slices and two roasted figs.

I got the figs in my basket last week.  They didn't have much flavor just eaten fresh, so I googled a bunch or recipes and then put my own together.


Roasted Figs.

*De-stem and slice figs in half.
*Drizzle with honey.
*Sprinkle with rosemary and fresh cracked black pepper to taste.  I use a lot of pepper.
*Sprinkle with a little bit of salt.
*Stick into a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes or so.
*Eat them up!


This is Poe.  She's helping.  The teeth marks by the sticker are hers...


*This is NOT a compensated post.  I like Lock&Lock all by myself.  I don't even have an affiliate link... maybe I should work on that...*

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