Monday, September 24, 2012

Bentos #153 and #154 - Two presentations, same food...

This is a twisted story about two bentos... both of which are slightly sad.  One more sad than the other.

First... I made this bento:

It started out nice.  A silicone cup of squash and carrots with a small container of italian dressing... A babybel, upon which I used my new Wilton fall cookie cutter... a couple of radishes with an attempt at some decorative cuts (my first try... go easy), and two guava candies.

And then it got kind of sad.

Although I did discover a way to eat sweet potato that I actually enjoy...  I boiled and mashed it with a spoonful of plain greek yogurt, salt and pepper. Incredibly tasty... but time was running out.  I slapped it into the box, cut a breakfast sausage in half and tossed that in too.

One passably cute layer... one that just looks... sad.

Maybe a little gross.

Although it tasted good.

I ended up eating the sweet potato with carrot slices because I forgot to pack a spoon...

I decided to try again.

This time I added some rosemary to the mashed sweet potato and topped it with an italian cheese blend.  I added some zucchini to the layer this time (yum!) and topped it with a sliced up turkey breakfast sausage.  And then I used another of my new cookie cutters to cut an oak leaf out of a sweet potato slice.  Cute!

And then I realized what time it was.

Why?  Why can't I manage my time?  Ever?

I shoved carrots into the box, threw in some radishes (no cutesy designs...) and put in a couple of sliced applicots, two guava candies, and italian dressing... which I actually ate with the carrots this time.  I think that if you put certain aspects from the two layers together... I did get one awesome bento out of them...


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