Friday, September 11, 2015

#169... Gardening!

One of the things I love about owning a home (BTW... I bought a house) is the fact that I can garden.

And garden I have.

I'm still figuring things out.  The squash bugs still wreak havoc.  The cucumbers aren't all that prolific.  And some of the peppers are spotting.

But I still end up with about as much produce as I can handle.

This week I've canned 34 pints of corn, 9 pints of green beans, and 6 pints of Mexican spaghetti sauce.  I imagine I'll end up with about 6 quarts of saurkraut, more tomatoes than I have jars for, and hopefully enough red peppers for a year's supply of roasted red pepper sauce.

Today's lunch is another courtesy of the garden:

I've got a mess of grains (black rice, brown rice, and barley) with some of that Mexican spaghetti sauce and shredded chicken I pulled out of the freezer.  The other layer has tomatoes and cantaloupe (from the garden, of course) with a dipper full of reduced balsamic vinaigrette.

Yes.  Still working with the crappy phone camera.  I'm working on it.

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