Monday, March 15, 2010

Geometry Bento! Ok... That might be a stretch...

I took the motorcycle out today for a real-ish ride. I say ish because I don't think I should go too far before I rebuild the starter clutch, lube the shifter linkage, and bleed the clutch master cylinder. And maybe I'll do the same for the brakes. It was rather chilly. I mean sure. It was around 50 degrees today, which is nice and perfectly ride-able. But. Someone at work made off with my motorcycle/work gloves. So was making do with a pair of fingerless gloves I usually reserve for summer riding.

Next paycheck. Gloves. Saddlebags. Windshield. I hope it's a big one. The check. Not the windshield.

So. The geometry bento. Kind of. Mostly I put it together and then decided it could maybe be math related.


The top layer has a baked red potato topped with salt, pepper, and sharp cheddar triangle cutouts and turkey lil smokies, which I have decided look like pi. Also there are mixed veggies. The bottom has a container of cottage cheese, two mini sweet peppers, an aussie cookie, a clementine orange, macadamia nuts, and a mint.

Really I have BSed the math thing. I didn't mean for the smokies to look like pi. But I figured that matched with the triangle cheeses and the round bits in the bottom... Ok. Not so much.

Here's a picture of this box all closed up. It's one of my favorites.

Skull Box

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