Sunday, March 7, 2010

I bento. But not very often.

I ripped the brake release handle right out of my truck a few days ago. It was very 'Princess Diaries'. Except I wasn't rolling backwards down a hill. I was quite worried for a little while. I didn't think I could park the truck without automatically hitting the brake. I don't think I can buy the part anymore, and I never have time to get to the Pick-a-Part. So I improvised. I wired a nice purple ribbon onto the lever that the handle is supposed to attach to. I'm not sure it will pass inspection like that, but I kind of want to try.

I haven't been bentoing as often as I should. It's so much easier to run across to the grocery store and buy a tv dinner. I'm really trying to get into the habit though. I might start putting the money I save from bento into my piggy bank. And I'll use it to buy more bento stuff that I don't need.

Anywho. Two bentos. A snack and a full meal.


The left container has carrots, clementine oranges, kiwi, and a small container of cottage cheese. The right contains a pasta salad made with whole wheat rotini, grape tomatoes, mini sweet peppers, Parmesan, pastrami, and a reduced fat Caesar dressing. I threw in another small bottle of it to freshen it up before I ate it.

It did have a funny aftertaste that I've noticed I get a lot with my pasta salads. Maybe because I pre-sauce it? I dunno. Next time I'll try just packing the bottle of dressing.

3/5/2010 snack

Yes. That is a mini sweet pepper stuffed with another mini sweet pepper. If I had been feeling more ambitious, I would have cut shapes out of the yellow one so the red one would show through. But it was nearly midnight. I didn't care much.

It also has a hard-boiled egg kind of shaped like a bunny, macadamia nuts, clementine orange segments, and a lovely thing called an aussie bite. It came from Costco. And it's an oatmeal cookie on crack. I recommend it.

I, of course, cannot eat a hard-boiled egg without salt. And maybe pepper. I found the perfect bento salt and pepper shaker. In the camping supplies at the grocery store. See?

Salt and Pepper shaker

If you're wondering why I still have the cruddy pictures, I did finally decide on the camera I want. And it won't be released for another few weeks. It's the fujifilm f80exr. I think it'll be great, not only for bento pics, but for lighting pics at work.

Also. I haven't lost any weight over the last month. Likely because I haven't been bentoing. I've got to get to it though. I'm going to be getting riding leathers this spring and I want to get them at least a size smaller than I am now. Dear elliptical in the corner. I'm gonna start using you more than once a week.

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