Sunday, January 23, 2011

Goals. But not New Year's resolutions.

New Year's is past. And nobody keeps their New Year's resolutions anyway. These goals are in no way related to the beginning of 2011. Rather, they are related to me feeling like I need to be more responsible. And healthy. And maybe a bit less of a dork.

First goal. Run a 5k in May. Maybe two of them...

I started the Couch to 5k program last month. I'm still doing the first week. Time to move on? Probably. But running has never been my thing. And asthma has always kept me from the good cardio stuff. Except... I stopped having big issues with my asthma a couple of years ago. And I never changed my habits. So that's why I've been doing week 1 for the past 4 weeks. And I'm glad I did. I went running a couple of days ago and went a half mile further in the same amount of time than I did when I started. And I wasn't nearly as winded. So yes... I think this week I'll finally move on to week 2.

Second goal. Eat healthy.

Which kind of goes hand in hand with not eating out, and bento. Eating out... It's hard to not eat out when I don't work with a single person who brings lunch. I absolutely hate staying at work by myself for lunch. It's boring. And if I'm going to make this one work, I have to work on changing not only my habits, but maybe some coworkers' habits.

I did just find a wonderful resource for eating healthy on the cheap... Bountiful Baskets. It's a produce co-op that I stumbled on. They have pickup sites all over the west. I was a bit wary the first time I participated, but holy crap is it great! Every Monday I 'contribute' $15 to the co-op. And at the un-godly hour of 8am on Saturday morning, I pick up my basket. A laundry basket FULL of fresh produce. Good stuff too. This week included apples, bananas, pineapple, pears, grapefruit, tomatoes, purple savoy, lettuce, asparagus, red potatoes and broccoli. Last week there were avocados. A few weeks ago there were pomegranates... My challenge to myself is to eat everything before I get the next basket.

Third goal. Financial blah blah blah.

I have a budget. It used to be a very strict budget. It has become less so in the past few months. That needs to change.

I do now have a full time job. (Woot woot!) There is more money floating around my bank account. But. I just bought a newish truck. Which means I have a car payment. And I have a whole bunch of student loans. And a few credit cards from my 'wild' days. And if I keep paying them like I'm paying them, I will be in debt for at least the next 18 years. That's a long time!

This is where 'snowballing' comes in. I found an awesome snowball calculator here. It's free. And it has charts and graphs and a column for 'flake' payments. And if I keep with it and add an extra $100 to my bills every month, I can have EVERYTHING payed off in six years! Debt free! How would that be? ... I'd sure like to find out.

I'm almost considering getting a hobo job (i.e. donating plasma) so I can afford to pay more without feeling deprived... I think it would totally be worth it.

Fourth goal. Finish school.

18 credit hours. Or something like that. They changed up the requirements during the year I was gone. But dang it! I'm that close to my bachelor's degree. I need to get it. Especially if I want to get a Master's in Arts Management someday. Which I do. Luckily, my new full-time status comes with many perks. Like access to the secret gym. And health benefits. And auto insurance discounts... and tuition reimbursement. I don't even have to pay for it! I have no more excuses!

I'm taking just one class this semester. Ethics and Values. With the papers... That's always been my problem with school. The writing. I can do it. I'm even good at it. But I absolutely, positively despise it. I'm a math person. I like numbers and order and the one right answer. I hate writing. My first paper is due in three weeks. Wish me luck.

I don't want to promise anything. But I did finally unpack my bento things today. I even packed a bento for my lunch tomorrow. It's all sorts of fun colors. Too bad my camera batteries aren't charged. I'm going to try to be better about posting my bentos. After all. That is the whole reason for this sad neglected blog, right? Right.

So. Lunch tomorrow... A sun-dried tomato chicken sausage on black rice. Steamed purple savoy and asparagus. A pear. A bit of granola. And a chocolate. Because I still have junk left over from Christmas and I can't very well let it go to waste.

Anywho. Wish me luck in my many endeavors.

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