Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shocked and Dead bento

Can I name a bento for the two picks I used in it? I dunno. But I did.

See? It took me forever to make, because I have yet to figure out speed bentoing. I look at the amazing bentos made by the ladies on some of the blogs I follow. And I marvel. That they look so good. And so balanced. And that they didn't spend two hours making them. I WILL get the hang of this. I will. I will. I will.

So. I had to use up the rest of asparagus and savoy from my bountiful basket. There's the top tier. I just steamed them with some salt and pepper. Easy peasy. It would have been easier and peasier if I had steamed them in the same pan at the same time. I'll learn.

I think my favorite meat to prepare at home is pork tenderloin. Followed closely by pork loin. And maybe country style pork ribs. ...If it came from a pig, I like to cook it. Except bacon. I hate cooking bacon. Go figure. Anyway. This is pork tenderloin. I cut it into little pieces that I figured would look good on cute food pics and tossed them into a pan. Salt, pepper, and garlic herb Mrs. Dash. That's all it took. And those little things are SO GOOD! Also. They reheat well and without drying out. And next to the little pork is a small potato that I diced and ... wait for it... I cooked it in the same pan at the same time as the pork. See? Learning! The potato turned out really yummy.

Bottom layer contains three mini sweet peppers, a loverly chocolate, some Provolone cheese strips, and a little cup of pickles. The pickle was a baby dill that I just sliced thin with my mini mandoline.

I ended up sharing my bento with a coworker who didn't have lunch and wasn't hungry enough to make a sandwich with the supplies I keep in the fridge at work now. I wasn't all that hungry either, which worked out well. The good news? I have changed this coworker's views on asparagus. From 'It's a vile weed straight from the pits of hell' to 'Hey. That's pretty good stuff.'

Also. I'm a full time employee now. That means I have access to the secret gym under the city center. At all hours of the day and night. This makes me happy, as I like to run at night, but my neighborhood is kind of creepy. I get my keycard next week. And I'm still planning on running that 5k in May.

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