Monday, October 24, 2011

Bentos #105, #106, #107, and #108...

I think it's funny... I started needing bentos again at work.  And so I started making them.  But I was so out of the habit of blogging about them that... well... here we are.  With a bit of a catch up post. 

The bit of an update is this... My comp hours are still up around 100.  It was finally decided at work that it would be impossible to just try to send me home.  So we sat down and figured out a plan that would slowly bring my comp down to an acceptable level.  We'll see if that works.  Related to you... that should mean I'll need a decent amount of bentos over the next couple of months.

Also related to you... I told you about winning the LocknLock review contest!  I'm still uber excited about it.  I haven't received my prize yet, but when I do, that'll mean a giveaway for you guys as well.  Because if I didn't have a blog, I wouldn't have written that review in the first place.  This giveaway is in addition to the 3000 views giveaway that will hopefully be happening in the next couple of weeks.  So... keep those in mind!


A lovely bento, consisting of a brown rice onigiri, turkey meatballs in a sweet soy sauce glaze, and steamed cabbage.  Also cucumbers, yellow tomatoes, a babybel cheese, Italian prune plums, and hummus.  I put sliced carrot flowers over the hummus to dress it up, and also to help keep the hummus from making a mess.  Works every time.

Egg fried rice with peas, carrots and cucumber with hummus, a yellow tomato, a babybel, and an Italian prune plum.

A meatless bento...tri-color rotini with ICBINB and Johnny's Italian Seasoning with broccoli.  Also figs, yellow tomatoes, a babybel, pickled sweet peppers, and a few mini Reese's cups.

What the salad?  Right.  I ate this and everything.  There were TWO heads of romaine in my basket this week and I vowed to at least attempt to eat it.  So I dug out this awesome salad bowl that's been gathering dust in the corner, and here we are.  To top the salad, I have tomatoes, kidney beans, sharp cheddar, and FF Thousand Island Dressing in the center container.  I also had a bag of tortilla chips at work to crumble in.  And for desert, I have a turtle and a couple of sweet and low candies.  

How much salad do you think I can eat this week?  I'm not exactly sure, but I think I've got enough for 3 more of these... I might die.

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