Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bentos #109 and #110... My LocknLock prize came!

For some reason, nobody ever knocks on my door when I can actually get the door.  I'm either in the bathroom or shower, or I'm not properly dressed... I live by myself.  I don't have to be 'decent' all the time...

So when the fedex guy knocked, I was in the midst of getting ready for work.  I dug around for a second to find my robe, ran a brush through my wet hair, and rushed to the door.  There was no one there when I peaked through the window.  I'm usually not fast enough to catch whoever it was that knocked.  But there, sitting on my tiny stoop, was a giant box.  It blocked the entire doorway.  I knew what it was.  And I couldn't bring myself to leave it out there...  So I opened the door, checked to make sure there was no one around, and awkwardly dragged it into the house with one hand.  Awkwardly.

And then I called and told the guy I work with that I was going to be late.  I have my priorities.

So I unpacked it all.  And I took a picture for you.  Or at least tried.  Poe chose that moment to come and see what was going on...

I gave Poe a treat to keep her out of the way for a moment.  And took the picture.  

See how shiny the lids are?  Like mirrors!  Yes.  That's me with a camera.

The prize was the whole set of Cookplus Fruits pans from LocknLock.  There are 2 saucepans, 3 casseroles, and a stock pot.  They feel really heavy for their size.  Which I take as a good thing.  At some point in the near future, I need to do the fudge test.  It's my experience that a crappy pan won't turn out a decent batch of fudge.  So I'm picky with my pans.  Fudge is important to me.


The fact that I have now received my prize means it's time for a giveaway!  Check back in the next couple of days!  Or... become a follower.  Because you have to be a follower to participate in any of my giveaways anyway.  Might as well get a jump on it. ;)


And... here are the bentos!

This one is another taco salad.  But without torilla chips.  I've got kidney beans, tomatoes, sharp cheddar, soy nuts, and Thousand Island dressing for the salad that's hiding under the tray, and a couple of Dove chocolates for dessert.

I found a honey poppyseed dressing that has no sugar added.  But there's a problem... Honey poppyseed dressing should be sweet...  Next time I pack the dressing, I'm going to add some honey myself...

So.  Kidney beans, sliced grapes, soy nuts, and the dressing to dump on the salad.  And a babybel cheese and a turtle for my desert.

I didn't manage to eat all the salad last week.  I have enough for another lunch.  And I picked up my basket yesterday, which had, and will almost always have, more lettuce.  If I can get do three salads in this week, I should be good!

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