Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two more meals...

Yet another long day tomorrow... I'm in at 6:30am and likely won't leave until 10pm tomorrow night. We're loading in for a Ririe-Woodbury dance company show. Most of our light hang was done today. I'd like to point out that I managed to rehang 3 lighting electrics in less than an hour. Go me. Tomorrow we'll finish the hang, focus, gel the lights, lay the marley dance floor, and load in a few props. It doesn't sound too bad... not like it will take 14 hours. But you never know. So I'm going in prepared.

Why yes! This picture is horribly lit. Thanks for noticing. ...Once upon a time I was really really worried about taking gorgeous pictures with great lighting... but now I think that until I get into the habit of posting regularly, I'll be lucky to have pictures at all.

Anywho. Another pasta salad. This one with orzo pasta and tiny diced chunks of cucumber, tomato, pepper, and carrot. The grape thing makes another appearance, this time holding a Lawry's Herb and Garlic marinade. There's a small cup of fruit salad... or at least the pineapple and strawberries I picked out of a fruit salad, an egg attempting to be shaped like a flower, a couple of turkey rosettes, and grapes to fill in the empty spots.

And for dinner...

Wild rice, spaghetti squash, some asparagus, a garlic chicken sausage, and what? More spaghetti squash? Yeah... this box was bigger than I thought it was. And since I don't like mixing hot and cold layers, I had to stick something else meant to be warm in it. And I was tired and feeling uninspired... so I went back to something I had ready to go... My 'cold' box has mini sweet pepper slices and more fruit salad.

I keep looking back over my pictures and thinking it would have been so easy to make these lunches cute. Faces on the sausages and eggs... Flower cutouts on the pasta... Furikake shapes on the rice or the squash... Why don't I ever think of these things while I'm in the kitchen?

On the other hand. I still haven't gotten the hang of making fast lunches. If I were to start worrying about faces and cutouts, the only thing I would do at home is make food. That's it. There would be no time for anything else... Maybe after a few more months of practice going fast, I will start worrying about going cute.

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