Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bento #37... Finally eating my leafy green vegetables.

I haven't been working much. More than I should be still, but I don't need to pack lunches. And when I'm at home I usually just grab something out of the fridge and munch. That's not exactly a brilliant habit, but it could be worse. At least now my fridge is full of healthy stuff. However, I believe I'm going to start making bentos, or at least bento-esque meals, even on days I don't work.

I haven't even cooked the sunchokes yet. I decided that I wasn't allowed to until I ate all my spinach. I have a hard time doing that, even though of all leafy green things, spinach is one of the most bearable for me. I finally decided to cook it. It was easier than I thought, not quite nasty, and that big tupperware I had full of it cooked down to nearly nothing. It was great. It doesn't matter if it's not my favorite when it can be eaten in six big forkfuls, right?

So I put said spinach into a bento. As far as bentos go, this was... ok, but I tried, and I managed to put it together in just a few minutes. Spinach cooks really fast.

I also put sweet potatoes in this lunch. Another not-my-favorite food. I'm experimenting with different ways to cook them though. This one wasn't too bad. I microwaved it until it was tender, diced it, and then tossed it around in some garlic and olive oil in a sautee pan. Not too bad. On top of the spinach are some swedish meatballs. Honestly, it's probably time to toss that bag. It's old. They weren't all that tasty.

And then there's the layer where I can't really go wrong. The bottom has strawberries, grapes, and orange sweet pepper strips. Along with that #*(& lettuce. Which I did eat, by the by. The dressing I've been using is the balsamic vinaigrette spritzer stuff. I forget who makes it. I just spritz it into one of my little dressing bottles and drip it on during lunch. It's almost tasty.

My fridge is once again overflowing with produce, although that never stopped from last week. I don't work for the next three days, so I'm planning on breaking everything down to fast usable bits. I was slow ordering my basket last week and the closest option was in Lehi. Totally worth it. My basket this week had: strawberries, mangoes, a coconut, lots of bananas, forelle pears, cantaloupe, tomatoes, asparagus, lettuce (#%^$), broccoli, and baby gold potatoes. I'm kind of excited to roast the coconut. Aside from the obvious eating it thing, I want to use the shells in the style of Monty Python. Maybe the next time I go to a department staff meeting. Those people need some excitement in their lives.

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