Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bentos #38 and #39... also geocaching...

Did you miss me? I've been sick the past few days and luckily haven't had to work. So, of course, no bentos. However. I have noticed that in the past four days I've eaten out more than I did the entire month of February. How is that? I should have been home! In bed! ... But I wasn't. I may or may not have dragged myself out of bed for soup from Zupas with friends... and maybe ordered in pizzas when a couple of us were watching movies... maybe a couple of other times, too... Make it stop!

My bank account is getting smaller and my waist is going the other way. It doesn't help that I can't go jogging. I went jogging once when I had a cold. It turned into bronchitis. I learned my lesson. I'm hoping to be over this by next week. I'm figuring I'm going to have to do the second week of C25K over again because of the sick time. And I have to finish the program by May if I'm going to run my 5K.


Look! Five stars. That now means 'change of subject'. Because I'm not talented enough to write transitions...


Since I started geochaching, I've been waiting for one thing. The cop who notices a couple of people poking around in weird places and asks what the hell is going on.

Geocaching is pretty much a treasure hunt using your GPS. Once upon a time, a bit more then ten years ago, some dork thought it would be awesome to hide something and give his friends the GPS coordinates to see if they could find it. And here I am today, sneaking around with a flashlight and my smartphone, looking for film canisters and ammo boxes. It's fun.

It's a pretty widespread hobby. Not in that everybody and their dog knows what it is, but in that there are now geocaches EVERYWHERE. There are 14 in my little neighborhood. Six along the back road to Walmart. Five in the area around my work. Three in the little podunk town on the other side of the lake where I get my nieces every few Sundays and about 30 on the road back to civilization from there.

Late the other night. Like 3:00 in the morning, a friend and I had just finished a long long wander around Walmart. We were there for almost two hours. He bought tweezers. I popped on my GPS just to see if there were any close caches. There was one about 20 feet from our car. We found that and then had to find the one across the parking lot. And then the one next to the Del Taco. And then we had to go to Del Taco.

We headed up the backroad and pulled over where my GPS said there was something to find. And then we reversed because we had passed it. We were reversing just as a highway patrol truck was passing us on the other side. He didn't seem to like that, since he flipped around and turned on his lights. We just sat there. Wondering if he knew what geocaching was. If he did, he'd understand what we were doing in the wee hours of the morning, poking around an electrical box on a backroad. He walked up the window with his big Mag light and shined it around in the car before he asked what we were doing. And we told him. There's a geocache over there. We're going to go find it. "Oh," he said, "Don't get electrocuted." And he walked away. That was it. I have to assume that they get calls from people all the time about odd behavior that turns out to be geocaching.

...That story was a lot more thrilling as it was happening...


I'm designing a concert for "Vocalpoint" tomorrow. I'm in for a 14 hour day. Those are not unusual for me. So I'm taking lunch and dinner.

And here they are.

Lunch consists of leftover barbecue chicken, courtesy of Bamboo Hut, baked yellow potatoes, and broccoli. The other layer has strawberries, orange slices, mango, carrot flowers, lots of lettuce, and a container of sour cream for the potatoes. I added a small bottle of raspberry vinaigrette after I took the picture. I've discovered that with the proper dressing, lettuce is actually edible. Who knew?

Steamed summer squash, pulled pork and rice from Bamboo Hut, furikake to make it all interesting, strawberries, orange slices, carrot sticks with hummus, and more lettuce. There's a bottle of balsamic vinaigrette in the lid of the box. Along with a couple of chocolate frogs.

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