Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bento #53... yet another geocaching post

Last night I decided to go geocaching with a couple of friends after work. It was meant to be a diversion for only an hour or so. But you know how it goes... We started at an easy-to-get cache in town. And moved up to a more difficult cache under an apartment complex. Where we almost got caught. And had to hide in the thorn bushes for a bit or risk getting caught by some angry intoxicated tenants. (The cache wasn't on private property, for the record. Just really close to it.) And then we moved up the mountain because it wasn't THAT far. And then a little bit farther up the mountain, because we had already hiked that far up, so what's a little bit more? That seemed like rational reasoning at midnight. Why? I dunno.


Dinner. Tasty, tasty BBQ leftovers.

I have a Hawaiian BBQ sausage from the place down the street with boiled yellow potatoes tossed in Mrs. Dash. And broccoli anywhere there was a place to put it.

The other layer has carrots and hummus, grapes, and a baby cutie orange. The lumpish pastry on the side is cinnamon apples wrapped in phyllo dough.

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  1. Haha. You know what they say... bad decisions make great stories. :) Not saying that was a bad decision at all. Sounds like fun, but don't go doing dangerous things at the midnight hour! And wow. That looks like an awesome, wholesome meal from start to finish. Yum!