Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bentos #44 and #45... Also... An awesome geocaching picture

So. The other day I shimmied 20 feet into a hole in the side of a mountain to find a geocache. It was pretty much awesome.

What happened was this. After work one day, a friend and I, being completely bored and not wanting to go home, decided to randomly drive places. We started out grabbing a hot dog at the Maverick, and then we drove up to a make-out point. But not to make out. We're not like that.

We finished our dinner and decided to geocache, but there were no caches at this particular point. So we drove to another one. Where we had the brilliant idea to open up the sunroof and all the windows and blast oldies love songs. That was fun. But there were also no caches there. We ended up just driving along the highest residential road we could find. And... there was a cache up behind one of those big huge houses you just find on the side of a mountain.

So... we found a little trail and went on an after midnight hike. The cache was called 'tunnel'. And we quickly found it. Well... the tunnel. Not the cache. It was a 3 foot wide cement pipe with the opening just off the side of the trail over a small rise. So we looked. And looked. And looked some more. We finally decided it had to be in the pipe just past some rocks. So I crawled in. And it wasn't there. Really? It wasn't supposed to be that difficult to find.

And then I looked up. And there it was. More than 20 feet down the pipe. Really really? So I went in feet first. Through leaves. And bugs. And spiders. Ew. But one cannot leave a geocache log unsigned. That's just how it is. You want proof?

Like I said. Awesome.

Also it was a large cache (an ammo box), so we swapped a plastic frog and some dreamcatchers for a pair of cool sunglasses. These are the kind of caches I really like. Sure, the teeny tiny ones are a challenge to look for, and you feel all sorts of accomplished when you finally figure out what little hidey-hole they've been hidden in, but the big caches are just fun.


And now. The food. This was all actually from Monday, but I didn't have time to post. Now I do. So I am.

I packed a snack for staff meeting. Because they just go on. And at some point in the middle, we break and everyone goes searching the cupboards in the boardroom for snacks. Way ahead of them.

Garlic artichoke hummus and garlic parmesan pretzel crisps (obviously I'm not worried about kissing anyone...), carrot sticks, and blackberries. I discovered some extra room when I was flattening a bit so I could put the lid on, so I tossed in three cadbury mini eggs.

Dinner consisted of black rice with leftover crock pot chicken on a bed of sauteed cabbage, pineapple, blackberries, strawberries and (thanks to TJ for this one) two sliced turkey rosettes. I rolled the turkey up in the lettuce. It was pretty good. Between that and the balsamic vinaigrette, I might actually start eating all of my lettuce. Or most of it.


  1. What a fun outing. I'd be too scared to do random things like that. (That, and my sister, who is the one I'd undoubtly drag along, is claustrophobic.)

    I'm glad I am not the only one having issues closing my boxes! I sometimes spend as much as 5min just moving things around so the box closes properly... and you're welcome! Glad the lettuce is back on your diet! I love the way the lettuce looks, but I hate wasting it. Well, at least not wasting all of it. :p

  2. Yeah... this is why I always have to snap a picture when I first make them. Occasionally I forget and then there is just no picture, because it just looks funny and squished when I open it up to eat it. I suppose this is why people like the boxes with the raised lids... but I love my two tiers.