Monday, March 28, 2011

Bentos #51 and #52...

Every so often I end up having to work a Sunday. This time it was because a client didn't plan ahead when they were scheduling. They didn't put in time to load in or to strike their things. So I had to be at work at 8:00 am yesterday. This doesn't make me happy, since Sunday is usually the only day of the week that I am able to sleep in. However. They also brought in their own crew. So I spent the day catching up on paperwork and watching things on hulu. ...It could have been worse.

I still have leftovers from that little barbecue place. This bit is a spicy italian sausage covered with the awesome bbq sauce. Also black rice and asparagus. It's got a few carrot flowers and a sprig of inoki mushrooms for cuteness' sake.

The bottom has a mandarin orange and a bunch of red grapes. There's a silicone cup full of hummus (with a couple more carrot flowers) and a whole bunch of baby lettuce leaves to eat it with.


I went to my parents' house after work last night to help my mom with an audio project. I ended up hanging around for a while more than I wanted to. So I made my mom and I dinner, and I helped my little brother make yummy apple... thingies... using apples and phyllo dough. They were really good. I still have a bunch in my fridge. I might put one in my lunch for tomorrow. I mean... they are really not healthy... but they are also full of fruit. That makes up for it, right?

I decided to pack my lunch there so I didn't have to come home and do it. And since I still had my box from lunch with me, it worked out.

I've got more steamed asparagus (my mom gets baskets now as well), a couple of baby yellow potatoes, and a dollar store steak I found in the freezer. I think I'm the one who bought it a few months ago to give to a brother. Who thought I was bringing him dinner from KFC. And I'm a little turd, so I gave him that first. It was actually a half decent cut of meat. Not amazing by any means. But not bad.

I found a bag of cheese curds in the fridge, so filled the silicone cup with those, and then filled in with blackberries, a mandarin, and apples with cinnamon. And then I thieved a mini hershey's bar from a brother. It fit perfectly.

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