Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bentos #42 and #43... and Freezer Stash!

I've been bentoing for a while now. It usually ends up being a leftover main dish with fresh fruits and veggies to fill it out. But. This week I got an acorn squash in my basket. I have never liked sweet squash. Vegetables, to me, are supposed to be savory. Which is why there is still a butternut squash on the shelf from a month ago. It's a good thing they keep a while.

My goal is to eat everything that I get in my baskets. Even the yams. And I still haven't figured out how to make those perfectly edible. I decided on acorn squash gyoza. They weren't all that difficult. I started out with five of them, just to see if they were good and I'd actually eat them. And... I will! So good! They are just a touch sweet, which I can handle. And maybe even enjoy. So I made lots more.

I started out using a gyoza press I had picked up from ichiban kan when they still had an online store. It was easy enough to use. Plop some filling into a wrapper and fold. Except if the wrapper properly positioned, the filling oozed out. I worked with it anyway until I decided I wanted to see if I was even capable of folding a gyoza the traditional way. Turns out, doing it by hand was easier than using the press. And that is why there are two different shapes. These ought to make a great freezer item...

I also made turkey meatballs for the freezer. All I had was breakfast sausage, so I went with it. I added a couple of eggs and some toasted multigrain bread crumbs. They're not half bad, especially when eaten with strawberry jam.


Yesterday's lunch: Turkey meatballs, some funny looking acorn squash gyoza because I hadn't yet figured out the proper way to cook them, carrot flowers, apple and orange slices, and some balsamic vinagrette and strawberry jam to dress things up a bit.

Dinner: Leftover sauerkraut pork that my mom made on Sunday with summer squash, mango, apple slices, carrot flowers and grapes. There was a chocolate frog and some mini cadbury eggs in the lid. For the record, I had no intention of eating the lettuce in this bento. And I didn't.


  1. Your bentos are always looking so yummy.

    As for the lettuce, I dont always feel like eating them... so what I do is (salt them) keep them until I get home, chop them up and add them to whatever I'm eating that night (stirfry, heated veggies, eggs, tuna salad). Another tip would be to add something like... hummus or cheese or deli meat, in a small container, and eat the lettuce as a wrap. I see that they are usually under the fruit portions, so maybe you could position it so the leaves can be removed without turning the fruit upside down.

    Awesome freezer stash you have going, by the way!

  2. @TJ

    You are brilliant! Next lunch I pack, I'll put some sliced turkey in and try the lettuce as a rollup.