Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bentos #59, #60, #61... Did you miss me?

I think spring is finally here! I'm SO happy! This means I need to get my motorcycle running, and lots of dirt for my container garden. This means I won't freeze half to death while geocaching in the middle of the night! ... It's the little things.

It's been so nice the past few days that I've been eating lunch in the back of my truck. Odd? Yes. Except that I have a bed extender, and when it's folded back into the truck it makes the perfect backrest. A friend and I have decided that one day we'll have to get my projector, set it on top of my truck and back up to a random white building to watch a movie. Just because we can.

I had a really busy work week, which is why you haven't seen me much. We had a live audio class from the local college come in do concerts as their final project. It's always fun... and interesting to see if any of them learned anything. The second group was almost a disaster...

The thing that I like is that when they come in, I get to do whatever I want to with the lighting. Last year I found some light panels and lit up the bottom of the drum riser. Pretty cool. This year they brought in a hard rock band. Hard rock is not really my thing. But. I had this brilliant idea. At least I thought so...

We pulled out all the drape so you could see the electrics and the trees and the vents and... pretty much everything. And then we hung up all the random pipe we had lying around the theatre and lit it. The effect was like... we had hung colored fluorescent bulbs. Or light sabers.

I was pretty proud of the effect...

Have you seen those Philadelphia Cooking Cremes? I bought a couple of different flavors to try out. And wow. They are sooo good. And easy to use! I sauteed chicken with squash until the chicken was done, tossed in tomatoes and the creme, let it go for a couple more minutes, and ta da! Dinner! I served it over orzo pasta. It was heavenly. And I had leftovers.

Said leftovers went into the top layer of this box. I arranged some oven roasted chayote squash over the top. Chayote is kind of like zucchini, but sweeter I think. Also. When you roast it, the skin gets really tough and you can't eat it. Fair warning. I just picked up the slices and ate it like funny looking watermelon.

The other layer has sliced green peppers, a cherry tomato, sharp cheddar (upon which I drew a strawberry), mango, strawberries, blueberries, and a couple of slices of orange.

Vegetarian bento? Not likely. I had leftover chicken and sauteed onions and mushrooms from Applebee's at work. This was all to go with it.

Brown rice, green pepper strips, celery, cherry tomato, sharp cheddar, with orange slices, blueberries, and strawberries.

My cold layer is looking about the same every day. I guess it gets boring visually. So I've tried adding picks to liven it up. I recently bought a box to sort my picks into, so they'll be easier to find in the mornings when I'm in a rush...

The top layer has brown rice, asparagus, and freezer stash meatballs.

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