Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bento #77 - Sides only.

I up my basket today. As per usual. My site's pickup is 7:00am. I wasn't exactly on top of things... While I was standing in line I heard 'Hi Pam'. I looked up. And my thought process went like this *Who knows my name here? Oh. It's Penny. No. That can't be Penny. Oh wait. Yes it can.* 'Hi Penny.' *Oh. Mike's here too.* 'Hi Mike.' And yes. It took just as long to think it as it does to read it. And yes. I had a stupid confused look on my face while that was happening.

The basket was great today, as per usual.
6 bananas
6 apples
12 plums
3 containers of blackberries
1 pineapple
1 canteloupe
1 bunch of spinach
1 head of romaine
1 bunch of celery
1 head of cabbage
4 cucumbers
6 gorgeous organic tomatoes

I've got a whole lot of apples. I never eat them. One of my front teeth is a temporary. It makes eating apples difficult. So today I sliced up the six and layered them in my crockpot with sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. I topped it with some vanilla. I'm going shopping later. I'll get some ff whipped cream to top it off with. And maybe make an oatmeal crumb to go with it.

I bought a juicer a couple of weeks ago. My other plan with the apples is to juice them all. I'll drink about half of it and I'll make fresh fruit gel in my little silicone cups. They'll be great for lunches.


I spent the morning running audio for a Middle-Eastern Dance recital in the park during the Farmer's Market. Right now our Farmer's Market is really low in produce. But. There are a lot of food vendors. Today I picked up lunch from a little Thai family. Mango sticky rice. And Thai spring rolls.

Honestly I thought the spring rolls were disgusting. I ate half of one. And then gave up.

The rice though... Oh. The rice. I should have taken a picture. A bed of rice with a row of mango slices spread across and then topped with a delicious sweet white sauce... I was in heaven. I'm sure I'll get the rice again at some point this summer. I'll take a picture then.

I knew I'd be picking up something to eat while I was there, so I just packed some sides.

I've got peach slices, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, and peppered beef rollups.

It's not amazingly interesting. But it was yummy.


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  1. Ha. At least you remember people... when someone says my name, most of the time I cant even remember who they are, but I go with it anyway... confused face and all. My friends are used to it by now. Thank you, short-term memory!

    Spring rolls are a bit tricky... you can get them very nicely done and fall in love with them... or very weird tasting/bland/yucky. I've had both, but the tasty ones are worth the risk for me. I love good spring rolls!