Monday, June 20, 2011

Bentos #78 and #79 ... Concerts in the Park

Sunday nights in June are Brass Band in the Park nights.  That means I have to work, but I'm ok with it.  I really enjoy the concerts.  I pack up a bunch of folding chairs and the portable sound system and have a good ol' time.

Once my system is up, I just sit back, listen, and push the On button for the microphone between songs.

Except yesterday.  Yesterday it was raining.  Actually, Utah got more rain yesterday than we usually average for the month of June.  So the band moved under the pavillion and sat on tables, benches, and a few of my chairs.  I didn't set up my system because... well... it was wet.  And the outlet I usually plug into has exposed wiring.  I sat in the van out of the rain and listened.  And felt sorry for the 30 or so poor suckers who showed up for the concert despite the rain and then had to sit in it.


This one was my picnic for the concert.  I always bring snacks, and thanks to BB, they've been healthy snacks.  This is cucumber, celery and fresh ground peanut butter, a plum, blackberries, peach slices and watermelon.

I also packed a thermos of homemade tomato soup.  Because it was raining.  And soup sounded good.

This is my lunch for today.  I decided to stuff all the mini sweet peppers I got this week with a mixture of brown rice, Philly Italian blend cream cheese, mozzarella and parmesan, and a couple of sprinkles of that yummy garlic seasoning.  I topped them with more cheese when they were almost done.

I proceeded to eat most of the batch.  I wasn't even going to save these for lunch today... until I did the math and figured out how many calories I had already devoured...  I've also got some oven roasted onion and a sliced turkey sausage on a stick.

Bottom has cucumber, a plum, peach slices, watermelon and blackberries.


Don't forget the giveaway!  11 more days...

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