Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bentos #75 and #76 - Also a giveaway!

I love that I can cook. Something about pulling out my wonderfully stuffed lunchboxes at work while others are unwrapping soggy sandwiches or running out for fast food makes me feel all sorts of smug, healthy, and generally satisfied with life.

I packed two meals for today, but only ate one. It didn't turn out to be as long a day as I was anticipating...

The warm layer has 5 cheese tortellini with artichoke heart tossed with ICBINB and that Johnny's Garlic Bread seasoning I love so much. It's also got roasted yellow peppers.

I have to tell you about these peppers... I was trying to get my produce all squared away before it spoiled. My yellow peppers were starting to get those spots that peppers get, so I sliced them up before I really knew what I was going to do with them. I ended up tossing them with olive oil, garlic powder, salt and pepper. I roasted them and they became incredibly sweet. I just started eating them off the pan. It was a struggle to stop eating them long enough to pack these bentos...

The bottom layer has canteloupe, watermelon, grapes, and a cup of the ends of all the mini sweet peppers I pickled yesterday. You'll see those in my next post, I'm sure.

There is a little Chinese restaurant a few blocks from my apartment that has the most amazing Tiny Spicy Chicken. It is not tiny or spicy. But it is SO good. This bento contains Tiny Spicy leftovers and roasted yellow peppers over brown rice, the better part of a peach, watermelon, and canteloupe.


Now. You all want a giveaway. And I want to give something away. This is where some lucky person will get to take advantage of my awful hording habits. Ready?

This amazingly awesome giveaway package includes six egg molds, a package of piggy sauce bottles, a package of cute animal picks, a rice mold set, and 10 little veggie picks. (The veggie picks come in packages of 50. I don't know why you'd ever need 50 of them. So I picked out my 10 and have been giving sets away. They haven't ever been used. Promise.)

This giveaway is open to everyone. Wherever you are.

And here's how you enter.

1) Become a follower of my blog, and then answer the following question in the comments of this post. There are no wrong answers, of course. I'm just curious.

**Why do you bento?**

2) Get a bonus entry by posting a link to my giveaway somewhere! Your blog, facebook, twitter even... Whatevs. And then put a link back in the comments section. (Did I phrase that right? I think so... I want to see where you put it. Basically.)

The winner will be picked in the most fair way I know how... Using either little strips of paper with your names on them and my four year old nephew. Or using Most likely the second one...

Drawing will be held July 1st! Get your entries in before then. :)


  1. Hi, just following your blog.

    I do bento, because it's already my dream since i was in highschool and i already promised myself: one day if i had children, i will make them bento. Beside that, i really concern about the quantity and the quality of their food. Through bento i could introduce to them how to eat in a healty way. :)

    This is my link that announce this give away:

    Thank you so much.

  2. That first bento just looks awesome... man, I want melon/watermelon balls so bad right now. That, and I'll have to go find that garlic seasoning. It looks very good.

    (Although I'd love to participate, I know I can't make much use out of the egg molds, so please don't count me for the giveaway. I’m sure someone else would like them a whole lot more!)

    Why do I make bentos? Mostly to ensure I make lunch. I have always been drawn to Japanese culture, so bento wasn’t much different. I love how people become so creative with something that would otherwise be a boring lunch. Personally, I enjoy (my poor) attempts to make lunch in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. I just find it fun. And healthy. So it ends up being quite a win-win situation.

    Best of luck to all participants! (I've shared this on my blog as well:

  3. Follower via the What's for Lunch Wednesday linkup :)Great posts!

    Why do I bento?
    My daughter started attending school at the age of one and half for an education autism diagnosis. At the age, I had to start packing her a lunch to send with her to school. It also became increasingly difficult because she is also allergic to peanuts. I tried to make her lunches fun by making her "silly sandwiches" while also making sure she had a nice balance of fruits, vegetables, and a fun treat. I discovered bento making from my sister who has been in love with Japanese culture and the Art of Bentos for years. It's really developed, for me, into a fun way to me to be expressive and also make an awesome lunch for my daughter, who is now five. Since she can't eat school lunches and is often left out of certain snacks or has to sit a "peanut free table" (someone alienated from her friends) at school, it's the least I can do by making her feel special with the foods she can have.

  4. I'm going to link your giveaway up on my facebook page also :)

  5. I bento because it helps me with portion control and to be honest, a nice looking meal just makes my day. I have 3 young children and they love it when I make them cute bento lunches.

  6. Just started following after finding you on WFLW.

    Why I bento?

    It's a little something I do for me! 37 years old and I bento for myself! I just started in January and really enjoy it! I blogged about it and my friends at work even come by and see what's in my lunch each day! I love it! I am also trying to lose weight and I find that bento-ing helps with portion control. Works out well for me! I just need to work on my creativity side for design food. That's my favorite part about other peoples blogs. LOVE to see all the creativity...and new recipes!!

  7. Just posted on my blog!

  8. I bento because it's a creative and fun way to make lunch a little less boring! Thanks!

  9. I bento in order to celebrate my lunch everyday with healthy food choices. I have tried to enroll my family but they are too shy to bring bentos to work and school daily. It makes me smile.

  10. Harlow:)

    Just followed your blog!

    I bento because am a student in UK. To save money from buying lunch everyday, I started packing lunch for myself and to make my lunch box interesting, I decided that bento making brings so much fun! Hehe

    Thanks for giveaway

    :) Keep up the good work!

  11. At first, I wanted to bento because I wanted to make the cutest lunch boxes on the planet and show them off to my classmates once I started university. Now, I've pushed that thought aside and I want to bento because I want to have well balanced meals whilst saving money instead of relying on the greasy fastfood that is served at my school's eateries.

    Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway! Your bentos are so drool worthy :)