Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bento #80... and jogging

Wait... Bento #80?  Didn't we just to #82? ... Yeah... I may have skipped a number...


I've been really good with my jogging for the past couple of months.  I've worked up to the Couch to 5k week 6.  Which I've realized varies between a couple of programs.  My current run is a 5 minute walk, 8 minute run, 5 minute walk, 8 minute run, 5 minute walk.  I've been doing some weeks over, or for an extra day or two, which is why I'm only at 6.

It doesn't sound like much.  8 minutes at a time.  But.  Taking into account that the last time I ran for more than about 30 seconds was when I was in junior high (more than 10 years ago), and when I did it, I ended up in the hospital for a week with asthma and bronchitis... this is a major thing for me!  I think the coolest thing for me is also one of the dumbest...  I had a redbox movie and about two minutes to return it.  The 7-11 is just around the  block, so I just took off running.  And I made it!  And I wasn't winded at all!  Little victories people.  Little victories.

I do intend to run a 5k at some point.  This fall most likely.  I'm actually looking forward to it.



Everything except the salmon came from a Bountiful Basket...

I've got pan-fried salmon with broccoli and miso-roasted butternut squash.  The other layer has grape tomatoes, salted cabbage, strawberries, and nectarine slices.

I actually made two of these... but this was the cuter of the two.


  1. Love it. I love how it looks. :) Good luck running! I should look into that running program. I used to love running in college but dropped it after I finished school (no safe areas to run at back home without a 15min drive).

  2. I drive somewhere to run about half the time... there's a river running through my city with a jogging trail along it all the way up the canyon. My favorite place to run is the last mile and a half by the lake. There are no houses and only a few nearby roads. When I'm strapped for time I just run my neighborhood...

  3. Looks yummy! I didn't make it past week2 of C25K, so good for you!!