Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bentos #83, #84, #85...

I had a nice weekend.  It didn't start until Sunday morning.  But it was nice.

I spend Sunday morning at a friend's house working on my poor little motorcycle.  It's an '82 Honda Magna v45 that I paid $50 for about three years ago.  Last summer I got a bad tank of gas.  A horrid tank of gas.  It coated the inside of the tank, all the fuel lines, the carbs, and the intakes of the engine with an awful caramel colored goo.  I'm finally getting it cleaned out.  And I should have it running next weekend.  I hope.  It's to the point where my throttle hand twitches whenever I see a motorcycle...

At some point mid-afternoon, my friend had to go do family things, as one does on Sundays.  I decided to go running.  And it was a glorious overcast afternoon.  I moved up to week 7 of the C25K, which is a 20 minute run.  I thought I was going to die going into it, but I could have gone longer!  I didn't.  Because building up to longer runs is part of the program.  And I didn't want to screw up, hurt myself, and have to start over.


I packed this one in a hurry.  Which is the reason that the fruit is not cut up into cute, easy to eat bits.  I made fried rice with corn, peas, and canadian bacon.  I was going to put in an egg until I realized what time it was... I cut the flowers out of the bacon first and then diced up the other bits.  I didn't even take a picture of this one before I lidded it up.  That's my desk at work in the background of the picture...

This one was my breakfast this morning.  I went running.  Like I do.  But before I left the house I realized that I had no water.  I decided to take something to eat after my run in order to give the crews out in the street extra time to fix my water before I came home and wanted to take a shower.  I've got string cheese, black pepper beef, grapes, half an apricot, half a plum, and a baggie of roasted green peas.

They got the water working before I came home.  Thank goodness.

This one was another meal from Saturday.  And also a meal on Monday.  I packed two identical lunches.  The top has pasta with red chard, tomatoes, and mozzarella artichoke chicken sausage tossed with Philly savory garlic cooking creme.  The bottom has my last nectarine, strawberries, and some cabbage.

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