Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bentos #91, #92, #93, and #94... Quick Catch-up

I have a thoroughly uninteresting life.  This week I had rehearsals.  Our real swords came in, so my actors are no longer using sticks to practice with.  I managed to get the rehearsal schedule put together and functional up until the run (no small feat).  I went jogging more than once.  I cooked one interesting thing that will eventually end up in a bento, at which point I'll tell you about it.  I went to lunch with my mom.  And my birthday was Saturday.  I did absolutely nothing fun.  Although I may have overcompensated today when I bought a butt-load of camping gear.

Speaking of which.  I'm going camping.  I was going to go tonight, but really didn't get started prepping early enough.  So I'm going early tomorrow.  I will fish.  Although I'm not sure what I'll do if I actually catch one.  I've not ever cleaned a fish before.  And only kind of know where to start, thanks to youtube.  I will cook things on my new little camp stove in my new little camp cook set.  I will sleep in my teeny-tiny tent.  Unless it's raining.  In which case I will sleep in my truck. (The tent hasn't been waterproofed yet...).  I will read one of my many new books (Big-Lots was clearing out all theirs for 50 cents each.  I may have bought about 30 of them...)  I will jog somewhere by the lake.  I roast caramel-vanilla marshmallows.  And it shall hopefully make this week more interesting than the last.


On to the bentos...

Teeny-tiny potatoes on skewers with kale and smoked turkey sausage bits.  There's j-dawg sauce in the container... Other layer has carrots and hummus, melon, pineapple, and a little strawberry from my garden, plum and nectarine slices.

This is a bento in which I attempted to make tofu edible.  I think tofu could be a cost-effective meat replacement substance... If it could be make edible.  This was only barely.  I didn't finish it.  Something about soy sauce, garlic, and sugar.  I am rather happy with the green beans.  They also had something to do with soy sauce, garlic, and sugar.  But in a much better way.  The zucchini was just pan-fried with salt and pepper.

Other layer has nectarine and strawberry slices, and cucumber with mini heirloom snacking tomatoes.  Which I love.  They're the size of marbles.

Orzo pasta salad with kale and feta, carrots, cucumber, black-pepper beef, plum slices and hummus

First, we focus on the two veggies in the top corner.  The yellow tomato is from my garden, as-is the black pepper.  The tomatoes ar funny.  I planted yellow pear tomatoes, but these are not those.  When actually ripe, these puppies turn orange.  And there is no pear shape to them.  As for the black peppers, they are not supposed to be mini'.

This bento has carrot slices over brown rice with leftover rosemary pork tenderloin, broccoli, cucumber, carrot, melon, nectarine, and the veggies from my garden.


I can't keep my eyes open and keep telling myself that I'm going to leave really early.  That might not happen...

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