Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bento #125... And also other things.

Oh. My. Gosh. I have been so sick the past few days.  How can it be 100 degree outside and I have a cold?  And not just any cold, but one of those keeps you up at night knocks you on your butt can't function kind of colds.  I'm usually fine with colds. I work through them. Clean things around the house.  And I haven't been able to get out of bed today.  So much for a productive day at home.
I'm upset about it for more than one reason... But mostly because I can't go play with my new toy...
It's an '84 Honda Magna v65. For those who care. I got a killer deal on it. And it came with a parts bike. It needs minimal work.  But since about the time I was getting it loaded in a truck Monday was also the time this cold started punching me in the face... It's just been sitting there. Waiting for some love.  Maybe tomorrow Magna. Maybe tomorrow.
Anyway, I did have a lunch packed on Monday.  It's another of my pantry lunches... Or my not allowed to buy anything else until I use up what I already have lunches...
It has whole wheat gnocchi tossed with fake butter and rosemary, Greek chicken sausage with onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes, fresh green beans, grapes, and strawberries. I was in a rush, so there's nothing particularly cute, but it was tasty.
Now I just need to get functional again so I can pack more lunches, fix my new motorcycle, and get that giveaway going...

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  1. My husband was complaining of a fever when he came home from work. He says that despite the air conditioning being on at work, he was still too hot. Hope you're feeling better soon!

    And taste beats cute, every time. I think there is something inherently cute about bentos, so your cute factor is automatically covered.