Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bentos #130 and #131... a play on a theme...

I've been bentoing for probably three years now.  Maybe a little bit longer.  And since the beginning, I've been coveting the same set of food cutters.

I went on a book buying spree on Amazon for my birthday, amd these randomly popped up.  It's like Amazon knows...

Since the price was right and the shipping was free, I went for it!  The sakura is my favorite, but I love them all.

I was going to be working the warehouse job for a full day and then going to the theater job for another six hours, so I needed two meals. And since I didn't want to cook two completely different meals at once, I used the same basic ingredients in each once.  And since I have awesome new cutters, I used one of them.

Over and over again.

I boiled a pot of noodles and used half of it to make a pasta salad.  It has cucumbers (both on top as the flowers, and on the bottom. As scraps), tomatoes, parmesan, and a quick Italian vinaigrette. The other layer has peach (with a flower) blueberries, a plum half, and canteloupe.

Same pasta, but this time with sharp cheddar, turkey pepperoni, and zucchini.  Same stuff in the other container.

And here they are together.  The matched set.

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