Monday, July 16, 2012

Bentos #126 and #127...

I noticed something the other day.  Something that amuses me greatly.

I was looking in the mirror, and I stretched.  And I realized that I had a strange lump on my right arm.  Just below the shoulder.  And it was only visible when I moved my arm a certain way.

I spent about 90 seconds being kind of concerned.

And then I realized...

It's a tricep.

Just one.

There isn't a matching one on my other arm.

I've got to stop favoring my right arm in the warehouse...


These bentos were brought to you by... my pantry.  Months ago I bought a small bag of quinoa.  Just out of curiousity.  Obviously I wasn't curious enough... it's just been sitting there ever since.  I finally cooked it last week.  I've discovered that I love the texture.  It reminds me of the roe one gets on sushi.  Less 'poppy' and more chewy.  And fun to eat.

I mixed it up with sauteed zucchini and sweet peppers and then threw on a vinegrette made with garlic red wine vinegar, garlic flavored olive oil, salt, pepper, and a squeeze of mustard.  I topped the salad with fresh tomatoes.  It was tasty!

Also, it could be eaten cold, which fit the bill for my gig last weekend.  I was loading in a show in a convention center and had no access to a microwave.

Aside from the salad, this guy has grapes, strawberries, nectarine chunks, and coconut pudding.

And this one has grapes, strawberries, plum halves, and coconut pudding... just to change it up.

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