Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bento #124 - Just a snack

Today I'm working.  It's currently 2:00 pm.  I've been here since 7:00 am.  I will be here until 11:00 pm.  At least.

Crazy.  I know.

I actually really enjoy long work days.  Think about it.  You work 5 days a week to get in your 40 hours.  You have your two day weekends.  And you cherish them.

I can work for three days, get 5 hours of overtime, and have 4 days with which to do whatever I please.  I'll grant you... I usually just go work somewhere else.  But when I'm not having a workaholic week, I go camping.  Or.  I do absolutely nothing.  All of these are options that please me.

Anywho.  Today's client happens to be providing meals, so I brought a breakfast/snack bento.

I packed it in a cute tupperware container that I usually use for soup.  

I started by filling it halfway with grapes.  I really needed to use up the bag to make room for today's basket...

I used a colorful napkin to separate the grapes from the top layer...

And packed a bag of goldfish crackers, three grape tomatoes, two dark chocolate Reese's cups, and a babybel cheese.  Can you guess what I'm doing at work today?  That's right.  A pageant.


  1. I so agree with you about the long work days/extra long weekends! You're already dressed and there, so why not? (Also, I can never relax, really, knowing I have to be somewhere in less than 12 hours.)

    I love the napkin and it's a great idea, but didn't the top layer squish the grapes?

  2. Actually no! I would be judicious about what foods you use this packing method with... I could see a mess with ripe cherries and such. But the grapes were nice and firm. Also, nothing on top was really heavy.