Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bento #145... and Foodie Penpals reveal!

I wasn't sure I was going to do this again.  I sent off the last box, and was fretting over shipping (it's not good) and wondering if it was worth it.  But guess what... It so is!  It is so much fun opening one of these boxes!  My first one was fabulous.  This month?  Also awesomely fabulous!

I came home yesterday after working for 14 hours to find a box on my front porch.  It was a great way to end a long and kind of crappy day.  What made it better was opening the box to see this:

Cute, yes?  Or my reaction..., "aww"...

This month, my box came from Jenny at  And I love what she did!

Pineapple chips.  Who knew?  I took the bag of fruit chips to work today to munch on.  So good!  And then there's the only thing I broke open to taste last night when I got the box.  I couldn't help opening the cheddar bites right off.  I love cheese.  And I really love crispy cheese.  Some days I will just toss good health out the window and drop little piles of cheese into a frying pan and let them go until they're crispy.  That's what these cheddar bites taste like!  You know, with a little bit more flavor.  I'm trying really hard to not just eat them all at once.

Jenny also included a bag of allergen free cinnamon thin cookies, and a raspberry licorice stick.  I haven't tried either yet, but I'm looking forward to them.

Jenny is great in that she tried to pay close attention to not only my first email detailing my likes and dislikes (both food and program wise), but she also took some time to read my blog and get to know me a little.  These gems were meant to be in keeping with the bento/Japanese theme.  I absolutely adore miso soup.  I haven't yet been brave enough to try making it from scratch.  I'm likely going to break open this packet when I get home.  I'm coming down with my usual tech week cold, and I think miso beats chicken any day.

The Udon noodles are new to me.  They're something I've seen on the shelf at my favorite Oriental store, but I had never bought them.  So I'm excited to try those as well.

One of the things I told Jenny I liked about the program was the chance to try things that are considered local cuisine elsewhere.  I have yet to figure out what Utah's local cuisine is.  Except fry sauce.  That says Utah all over it.

Anyway, Jenny is from the south.  Virginia, actually.  And she sent me some of her favorites.  Cheddar garlic biscuit mix.  It sounds heavenly, doesn't it?  Praline Pecans, which have a great flavor and crunch, organic Assam tea that smells great (that's as far as I've gotten), and grits.  I've never had grits, although I've always found the concept appealing.  And now I finally get to try them!  I'm thinking I'm going to start with the butter, salt, and pepper method that Jenny recommended in her note.  And then maybe I'll try them with sugar, and then we'll see from there!

My favorite part about this box?  Most of it is, or can be made to be, bento friendly!

Thank you, Jenny!


Today's bento, brought to you in part by my foodie penpal...

Cauliflower and a bit of pasta with pepperoni and sharp cheddar cheese, a pluot, champagne grapes, sweet mini pepper slices with hummus, and... 4 cheddar bites with a small container of praline pecans!


  1. You got a wonderful variety of goodies this month to try! That's so thoughtful that she read through your food preferences as well as your blog to customize the package she sent. (Visiting from Foodie Penpals.)

  2. What a great variety. I love that you were able to use items she sent in your Bento. I love peeking in Bento boxes! I used to make them for myself when I worked outside the home.

  3. I want to try it, but I'm in the northeast in a particularly expensive area. I'm afraid my partner might feel he or she got cheated with the $15 cap! Still...very tempted.

    1. I understand your worry. Foodie penpals is fun, but if you at least want the surprise of an awesome box of munchies every month without that worry, you might try... I want to say it's called Love with Food, or Food with Love. One or the other. $12 a month and they just send you a box of goodness. I just signed up, so I haven't received a box yet. But it does sound like fun...