Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bentos #141 and #142... Weekly update?

I'm in the midst of what others might call production hell.  Except for one thing.  I'm really enjoying myself...

I'm stage managing 'Wait Until Dark'.  That's about 30 hours of rehearsals every week.

I'm designing costumes.

I'm designing hair/makeup.  To an extent.

I'm helping with certain props.  I just molded two awesome women figurines onto pocket knife handles.

And I'm designing audio.

I'm also helping to oversee the construction of the set.

Tech rehearsal is this coming Saturday.

I'm having such a good time!

As per usual, however, I'm excessively busy.

I did manage to sneak home for a couple of hours to cook lunch and relax on Tuesday and Thursday.  And that was pleasant!  I'm used to just staying at work all day, because coming home seemed like a chore.  I don't know why.  I only live six minutes from the theatre... 

These are the bentos I fixed for the days I didn't have time to get home...

This one contains roasted chickpeas and brussels sprouts with bacon.  I love brussels sprouts, and I got some HUGE ones in my Bountiful Basket last week.  Usually I oven roast them, but since these were so big I didn't think it would work.  I instead sliced them and sauteed them in a pan with garlic flavored oil, salt and pepper, and then sprinkled bacon on top.  They were phenomenal.

The other layer has a sliced white nectarine, a cucumber stick, and a handful of grapes.

This box contains another batch of my fall risotto stuff.  Also broccoli and cauliflower, celery with hummus, a sliced white nectarine, and a dark chocolate reese's cup.

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