Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bentos #138, #139 and #140... Getting my redneck on!

Someday I've got to get this workaholic thing worked out...

But I enjoy being busy...

And being able to pay off some bills isn't bad either...

I did manage to do something fun last weekend.  While working... I have a friend who works for an audio company that happened to be taking care of the Salt Lake County fair.  And I tagged along for the Demolition Derby and the equipment strike.  I'd never been to a derby before, but had been told that it's something everyone should experience at least once.

You know what?  I'll actually admit it... I enjoyed it.  And I'd go again.

Don't judge me.

I managed to pack three lunches last week...

I decided to do another salad in a jar.  I grilled the chicken that morning and didn't want to put it in the jar still hot, so I packed it in the bottom of one of my smaller double tier boxes.  The other tier has goldfish, cherries, and italian plums.

On an unfortunate note... salad in a jars will not be happening when I get romaine in my baskets.  I hate the taste.  I ended up pulling the lettuce out and just eating the tomatoes, cucumbers, and whatnot at the bottom of the jar.

More of my awesome fall rice casserole stuff.  I made more rice specifically so I could make another batch this week... anyway.  Steamed broccoli, blueberries, nectarine, cherries, babybel cheese, and celery with hummus.

On a side note... I found full size silicone muffin cups at Walmart last week.  They're something I didn't know I needed until I had them.  And I love them!  I found them in the cake decorating aisle and they were only two bucks for six cups!

This unfortunate looking lunch has pasta under broccoli and grilled chicken.  It's been sprinkled with Johnny's garlic seasoning.  Also I have most of a container of blueberries, three plums and a babybel cheese.

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