Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bentos #132-#135...

Blogging like the wind!  I've been knee deep in rehearsals for a production of 'Wait Until Dark' for which I am the stage manager, the costumer, and the sound designer.  Also, I have too much comp time.  So I can only work 30 hours a week.  Supposedly... And then when I'm not at the theater job, I'm at the events warehouse job.  So... still uber busy.  Still enjoying it. Still trying to figure out the balancing act.

At least I've been packing decent meals, yes?

My birthday was last Monday.  And so I bought myself this bento box...

Yes... You've seen this box before.  But I managed to break my last one!  I was so sad... this is my favorite box for salad meals and mostly veggie meals.  A little bit big for a traditional, tightly packed meal, but great for a loosely packed one.  I got it in a set with two other snack boxes, a bag, and a fork with a cute cover.  Happy Birthday me!

I took that cute little bottle of plum preserves I received in my foodie penpal box last month and used it to put a glaze on some turkey meatballs.  It. Was. Delicious.  I simply put a tablespoon of the preserves into my tiny frying pan, added a couple of twists of black pepper, and tossed in the already microwaved meatballs once the preserves had melted.  I have enough preserves left to do this one more time.  And I will.

Also I have zucchini, cucumber, peach slices, and blueberries.

This was meant to be a meal and a snack.  And it was.  I picked up some cute jars at IKEA to use for salads.  This particular salad had butter lettuce, carrot, cucumber, kidney beans, and parmesan cheese.  Supposedly you can just put your dressing in the bottom of the jar and then top it with your veggies and things.  I, however, was so excited to be putting salad in a jar that I completely forgot about the dressing, so it is in the tiny jar off to the side.

I also may have learned that one cannot use a salad shooter to shoot salad directly into a jar.  I can't tell you how many carrot and cucumber slices ended up on my stove... next to the stove... on the floor...  

The other containers (more of my birthday set) contain grapes, plum halves, goldfish, and nut clusters.

This simple little guy has zucchini sauteed with red peppers, more red pepper, grapes, nut clusters and glorious little nuggets called 'Somersaults'.  They are chock full of sunflower seed and chocolate goodness.  And I will be sad when this bag runs out.

And this was tonight's dinner and rehearsal snack.  My favorite part was the cast member who took a look at it and said, "That looks just like a little bento box!"  To which I replied, "Oh my gosh! You know what a bento box is!"

Brown rice and soy marinated steak topped with sesame seeds, two colors of zucchini, cherries, carrots and hummus, and pickled ginger.  I love pickled ginger. I quite often grab the bottle from the fridge and a fork and just eat it.  Don't judge.

I also have some goldfish, Somersaults, and a Milano melts cookie.  Because I get the munchies during rehearsals.

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