Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bento #122 -

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Thursday this past week was the first day I didn't work in the entire month of June. Plus the week before that.  What is that... 35 days straight? Its a good thing I don't have much of a life outside of work.
Anywho, I decided to go camping. I left Wednesday after work. Strawberry reservoir is the place I went last year about this time. Its close, about an hour away, and the fishing is supposedly good. I wouldn't know. I have yet to catch anything.

Dinner that night was cooked in tinfoil in the campfire.  In one packet I had onions and mushrooms wrapped up with a marinated chicken breast.  I also did a packet of potatoes, and one of apple slices and brown sugar.

I came to the sad realization while I was eating an amazingly tender, flavorful bite of chicken topped with a bit of sharp cheddar that I hadn't cooked anything so tasty in more than a month. I'm not sure I've even turned my stove on in that time, besides to steam a couple of zucchini. Everything else had been microwave food or takeout.

I resolved to cook real food at home this weekend. 

Which I just barely did.

And it was tasty.

And I put the leftovers in a bento.

I sauteed Greek chicken sausage with mushrooms, onions, and halved baby heirloom tomatoes and served it over spaghetti squash with feta.  The sausage provided plenty of flavor to the dish. I didn't even salt or pepper it.

My other box has grapes, cherries, grape tomatoes, and two dark chocolate Reese's cups.

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